About the author

My name is Henrik Bondtofte, and I have worked professionally with SEO for almost 20 years. I have built my extensive knowledge of the SEO field over many years. I have written two Danish SEO books, with the first being released back in 2013, namely The Link Building Book, and in 2021, The Book on Internal Links was published.

All Types of Clients

Throughout my career, I have worked with everything from sole proprietorships to some of Denmark’s largest companies. I also have extensive experience with international companies and am happy to assist Danish companies in starting their marketing efforts in Sweden and Germany.

Presentations, Courses, and Training

I often give presentations on search engine optimization and have been a regular speaker at Denmark’s largest online marketing conferences for the past ten years, including Digital Marketing in Holstebro, Marketing Camp, and SEODay.

With my many years of experience, I have garnered references from clients worldwide. Whether the goal is to achieve higher rankings in search results or to manage internal, inbound, and outbound links, my focus is always on transforming industry jargon into practical advice that meets actual needs – so clients truly understand it.

I have often leveraged my accumulated knowledge when speaking about online marketing and search engine optimization in Danish and international media. I have also written Denmark’s only book on link building, where both professionals and beginners can learn more about effective link building. I published it back in 2013, and The Book on Internal Links is the sequel to this publication.

By reading both The Link Building Book and The Book on Internal Links, you will learn everything there is to know about links.